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Technical Specifications

Type Professional Computer
Intel 8086 @ 8MHz
Co-Processore optional Intel 8087 arithmetic co-processor
RAM 128 kb or 256 kb, expandable to 640 kb
ROM 16Kb
VRAM 40 / 80 x 25
Colors 16
Graphic modes
640 x 400 - 640 x 200 - 320 x 200
Sound Beeper
Parallel port
1 X DB25 (Female connector)
Serial port
1 X DB25 (Male connector)
Floppy drive
5.25'' disk-drive (360KB)
Hard drive
1 X 5-10-20Mb (optional)
Monitor Green or yellow phosphore 12" monochrome or
optional color monitor
Supported OS
MS DOS 2.1, Concurrent CP/M 86, UCSD-P, PCOS

This variant was built in Meaux (France, near Paris)
by Logabax that was owned by Olivetti to 65%.
It was in fact the international version of the Olivetti M24.

Questa variante veniva costruita a Meaux (Francia, zona di Parigi)
da Logabax che era di proprietÓ Olivetti al 65%.
Era di fatto la versione internazionale dell'Olivetti M24.