M24 Personal Computer

Olivetti M24
Olivetti M24SP
AT&T PC6300
Xerox 6060
Logabax Persona 1600
M24 Anatomy
Technical Documentation
Links and Contacts
The good times...

Common Documentation
Keyboard pinout
Video connector pinout
Il castello dei drives
Drives Castle
Guida alla sostituzione del fusibile della tastiera
Keyboard fuse replace guide
Guida alla creazione del convertitore video
Video converted guide
DB25 M24 --> DSUB15 VGA
Motherboard Settings and Configuration
Manuale di servizio tecnico
Service manual
Schema elettronico
Olivetti M24 Schematic
Theory of operation

Olivetti M24 Documentation
Manuale d'uso italiano Olivetti M24
User Manual Italian

AT&T PC6300 Documentation

AT&T PC6300 Installation Guide (English)

AT&T PC6300 User Guide (English)

AT&T PC6300 Service Manual (English)

Logabax Persona 1600 Documentation

LogAbax Persona 1600 Maintenance Manual (French)

Third Party Documentation

Intel 8086 Processor Datasheet

Seagate ST-225 Hard Disk Manual

Western Digital WD1002A-WX1 Hard Disk Controller Manual

Western Digital WD1002S-WX2 Hard Disk Controller Manual